Company Profile


As China’s professional automobile finance transaction platform, Yixin Group Limited (HK.2858) is principally engaged in transaction platform business and self-operated financing business in China. Up to now, the company's accumulated trading volume has exceeded 3.5 million units, and the accumulated trading scale is more than 300 billion yuan. Leveraging its leading platform technologies and strong shareholder background including Tencent and, the Company accelerates the building of automobile consumption ecosystem. Yixin’s businesses cover more than 340 cities in China and connect with more than 100 automobile manufacturers, more than 100 financial institutions and more than 36,000 dealers. The Company has been committed to providing consumers with more convenient, safe and efficient automobile financing services.




  • Professional automobile finance trading platform
  • Pioneer of China's automobile finance transaction ecology



    Empower every Chinese to "drive your dream home, if you like"


    Business Segments


    We operate our business in two segments: transaction platform business and self-operated financing business.


    1) The transaction platform business, which is comprised of: (i) loan facilitation services, we facilitate auto loans offered by auto finance partners to consumers, and primarily earn service fees from consumer borrowers or banks that have extended auto loans to consumers, and (ii) other platform services, including guarantee services, value-added services, etc, whereby we primarily earn service fees.


    2) Self-operated financing business, which is comprised of: (i) financing lease services, whereby we primarily generate interest revenues from consumers, and (ii) other self-operated services, whereby we primarily generate rental revenues and automobiles sales revenues.