Company Profile


Yixin Group (2858.HK) is an online automobile finance transaction platform in China. For the full year of 2019, our total financed transactions increased by 8% year on year to 522 thousand and our aggregate financing amount increased by 5% year on year to RMB40 billion.


Our Business Model


Leveraging our leading online automobile finance transaction platform, we are dedicated to developing and strengthening our ecosystem, the participants of which comprise consumers, automakers, auto dealers, auto finance partners, and aftermarket service providers. This ecosystem facilitates transactions throughout consumers’ automobile transactions cycles and automobiles’ life cycles





Our Business Segments


We operate our business in two segments: transaction platform business and self-operated financing business.


1) The transaction platform business is comprised of: (i) loan facilitation services, we facilitate auto loans offered by auto finance partners to consumers, and primarily earn service fees from consumer borrowers or banks that have extended auto loans to consumers, and (ii) advertising and other services, where we primarily earn advertising fees from automakers, auto dealers, auto finance partners, and insurance companies that have advertised on our platform, services fees from auto dealers for promotional services.


2) Self-operated financing business is comprised of: (i) financing lease services, whereby we primarily generate interest revenues from consumers, and (ii) other self-operated services, whereby we primarily generate rental revenues from consumers and the revenues from sales of automobiles to auto dealers.